First of the year

Yesterday was the start of the early catch and release season, but I waited until today so temperatures would be above freezing. I fished a part of the Mecan River that is open for the early season.

I started seeing browns, some of them whoppers, as soon as I got in the river. I saw over a hundred fish and had 30 or 40 of them follow the lure, bump it, or lightly suck it in. But they just weren’t in the mood to chomp down. I think the water might have been a little cold for them today.

I waded a mile and I didn’t land my first fish until I had gone ¾ mile. It wasn’t a big one, but I was happy to avoid the skunk.

I caught two more below the bridge where I climbed out. That was it for the first outing of the year – 3 brown trout.

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