Wolf River

The Wolf River is still open for catch and release trout fishing. I gave it a try this morning. The level was falling, but the section I targeted was still a little deep and the water was dark and hard to see through. The Wolf is what I think of when I see the phrase “walking on greased cannon balls”. I was glad I had my staff with me, but even so the wading was so difficult I almost bailed out after ten minutes in the water.

I’m glad I stuck with it a little longer because I managed to catch two brown trout. I also enjoyed the autumn scenery and seeing the transition from morning fog to blue skies.

Soules Creek

Today was almost certainly the last trip of the regular season for me.

I waited until it got above freezing this morning, then jumped into Soules Creek north of Wautoma. It felt cold because of the wind, but fortunately once I was in the river the banks and brush acted as a windbreak.

In parts, this creek is very narrow and sometimes deep, but it levels out every once in a while to twelve or even twenty feet wide. The water was clear, and I saw the whole process under the surface for almost every fish I caught. The biggest one hit the lure once and circled away, but I gave it a little extra wiggle and he came back and chomped down good. Another in a deeper pool chased the lure on two casts before I landed him on the third.

I caught a total of seven brown trout and enjoyed the fall scenery in its mosquito free state.

The only sad part of the day was driving by the “Closed for the Season” sign at Milty Wilty on the way home.

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