Wolf River

The Wolf River is still open for catch and release trout fishing. I gave it a try this morning. The level was falling, but the section I targeted was still a little deep and the water was dark and hard to see through. The Wolf is what I think of when I see the phrase “walking on greased cannon balls”. I was glad I had my staff with me, but even so the wading was so difficult I almost bailed out after ten minutes in the water.

I’m glad I stuck with it a little longer because I managed to catch two brown trout. I also enjoyed the autumn scenery and seeing the transition from morning fog to blue skies.

Trolling those contours with cranks can produc…

Trolling those contours with cranks can produce big fall Walleyes! #walleye #walleyefishing #trollingcranks #colorado #wyoming #fish #fishing #podcast #fishingpodcasts #learnhowtofish #fishingfun

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